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I am a New York City actor working on Stage, Film, and TV.  While I am not an original New Yorker, New York City has become my 2nd home and my all around greatest love affair.  It is here that dreams are truly made and I am going after mine.


Born in Tennessee and raised in Indiana, I knew from a young age that the arts would play a large part of my life, but life is funny, and oftentimes, its twists and turns will lead you to places you never expect.  As a result of this, the last decade of my life has been split between acting and teaching literacy to Special Needs Learners with the New York City Department of Education.  Teaching has challenged and tested me in ways I never thought was possible.


Above it all, I’m a relatively cool, laid back everyman who enjoys watching and playing tennis, cooking vegan and vegetarian dishes, and working out.


So, look around the site, and if I can be of service to you in any way, reach out.  I would love to hear from you!

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